About Us

Energy Concepts, Inc. offers real-world technical training systems that provide actual work skills.To meet your training needs, all of our systems are designed to satisfy the most rigorous academic requirements, as well as having the ability to accommodate future technological innovations.Browse through our site and call us with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you. Energy Concepts is the premier producer of high-quality educational systems for contextual science, electronics and industrial controls training systems. We take pride in providing real-world, hands-on training systems, that prepare students for technology–related careers and the actual work environment. For over 50 years, our success has come from the unmatched quality of our systems, components, the reliability of our equipment, and the effectiveness of our curriculum. All of our systems are designed to satisfy the most rigorous academic requirements as well as have the ability to accommodate future technological innovations. Our professional training team is highly skilled in both academic and industrial backgrounds. Whatever your field of interest may be, we can provide specialized assistance for the type of training program you need. Energy Concepts is committed to excellence in contextual science and technical training and will provide you with a comprehensive solution to fit all your needs.


Our Commitment to Service

Energy Concepts will provide you with the most complete and effective systems for your training investment as well as allow for integration of tomorrow’s technological advancements and developments. We will continuously strive for improvement in all our systems to ensure that students and instructors can concentrate on the learning experience and meeting their educational goals. Our professional staff maintains a commitment to excellence in addressing all aspects of implementing a successful educational program. Our customer service will be by your side before, during, and after the purchase. We’ll assist you with budgetary pricing, instructor training, equipment orientation, and continued technical support after your purchase. We take pride in our goal of providing practical training systems that prepare students for technology-related careers and professions.