Basic Programmable Controls….

basprogctl02ECI’s Basic Programmable Controls is designed to teach the principles, operation, and applications of industrial electronic control circuits. These turnkey systems include excellent courseware, training panel, and all the component modules and accessories needed for the instructional program.

basprogctl03ECI’s competency-based courseware is presented in an easy-to-read, two-color format that includes professional illustrations, charts, tables, and photos. The comprehensive instructor’s guide offers tips and resources as well as answers to the questions and design challenges.


Basic Programmable Controls

– System Familiarization
– Developing and Testing a Program
– Programming Circuit Logic
– Advanced Circuit Logic
– Programming ON-Delay PLC Timers
– PLC Sequencing Applications
– Programming Counter Functions
– Special Programming Functions and Applications
– Circuit Monitoring and Troubleshooting
– PLC Applications


242 Trainer Modules

– Programmable Logic Controller
– PLC Input Module
– PLC Output Module
– Photoelectric Module
– Indicator Module/Stoplight
– Three-Unit Pushbutton Station
– DC Motors (2)
– Strobe Light
– Limit Switch