Industrial Motors….

indmotor01The Industrial Motors Trainer was developed as a direct response to the industry’s request for a hands-on approach to motor maintenance and troubleshooting. The trainer provides students with the skills and competence to analyze and maintain electrical motors which are the heart of most industrial systems. AC, DC, single, and three-phase motors require systematic maintenance and diagnostic troubleshooting by the technician.

indmotor05Through a comprehensive series of experiments and troubleshooting exercises, the student will acquire the skills most often identified by advisory committees.  The Industrial Motors training system has all of the necessary equipment and courseware to assure that the teacher has the most complete and practical instructional program available.

Industrial Motors Topics

– System Familiarization
– AC Motor Familiarization
– Motor Mounting, Load Coupling, and Shaft Alignment
– AC Three-Phase Induction Motors
– AC Single-Phase Induction Motors: Two Speed Split-Phase
– AC Single-Phase Induction Motors: Capacitor-Start and Permanent Capacitor
– DC Motor Familiarization
– DC Motor Types
– Universal Motor
– Maintaining AC and DC Motors
– Troubleshooting AC and DC Motors



ECI MODEL 24300 Power Supply
• Dual Digital Meters
• Electronic Overload Shut Down
• Key Start Switch
• Lighted Emergency Disconnect
• Three-Year Warranty
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