Programmable Logic Controller….

plc01The SLC 5/03™ Programmable Logic Controller provides students with a 8000 instruction capacity CPU, a power supply, and five diagnostic indicators on the front of each processor. These diagnostic indicators show: Power, PC Run, CPU Fault, Forced I/O, and Battery Low. In addition, each Allen-Bradley SLC 503™ has LED indicators to show the status of each I/O point.
ECI’s competency-based courseware guides students through the RS Logix™ software where they create ladder logic diagrams to control standard types of industrial circuits. Design challenges and troubleshooting experiments are provided for students to develop practical skills and  troubleshooting techniques.

plc03The ECI lab manual has an easy to read, two-color format, that shows professional illustrations, photos, and graphic representations of the programming screen. This technique provides students with the most dynamic, selfpaced software available. The lab manual’s 14 chapters present students with 53 hands-on programming lessons, which directly correlate to the ECI 245 trainer.


– A competency-based lab manual bound in a large easy to use ring binder.
– All illustrations in a two-color format for student’s ease of understanding
– Programmable from most IBM-compatible computers.
– Built-in 24-volt DC power supply with front panel jacks.
– Rockwell’s RS Logix 500™ Programming Software
– Eight built-in fault swtiches that are covered and locked on the side of the cabinet
– Modules housed in a durable steel cabinet for years of classroom life
– Includes Programmable Logic Controllers text book and workbook with PLC simulation software