Solid State Fundamentals….

solidstate01Solid-State Fundamentals is a course designed to provide an introduction to electronic circuits which employ the latest solid-state techniques. The student follows the development and application of both discrete and integrated types of solid-state devices. The comprehensive scope of the course prepares the student for each advancing stage of instruction while limiting theory to the basics needed to understand practical circuit application and troubleshooting techniques. A complete glossary of over a 140 terms has been provided to build a working vocabulary of solid-state electronics.solidstate05

The Model 212SA Training System, Solid-State Fundamentals, is complete with laboratory manual, instructor’s guide, mounted components with storage board, unmounted components, and all materials necessary to support the course content.




Major components, such as semiconductors, motors, relays, etc., shown on the storage board, are mounted on rugged commercial grade PC boards that plug into the circuit panel. For added flexibility and convenience, semiconductors are socket mounted.

21204M Unmounted Components

The unmounted components are available mounted and keyed to a color-coded storage board with imprinted outlines and schematic symbols.



15200 Transparent Circuit Panel

This is used with all ECI training systems and is in use in thousands of educational and industrial applications for basic circuit setup and advanced electronic design. The circuit panel is completely flexible and suitable for any general breadboarding work. The patented design eliminates soldering, jiffy clips, snap fasteners, or random layout on opaque wiring boards.

23500 Circuit Panel Easel

The easel is designed to hold the 15200 Circuit Panel at a 5° angle for ease of circuit building. A white plastic base provides maximum visibility. The base lifts out to reveal a roomy storage compartment for program materials and measures16-1/2 x 11-3/4 x 3-5/16 x 1-3/16.