Energy Concepts, Inc. offers real-world technical training systems that provide actual work skills. To meet your training needs, all of our systems are designed to satisfy the most rigorous academic requirements, as well as having the ability to accommodate future technological innovations. Browse through our site and call us with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you. Energy Concepts is the premier producer of high-quality educational systems for contextual science, electronics and industrial controls training systems. We take pride in providing real-world, hands-on training systems, that prepare students for technology–related careers and the actual work environment.

Applied Science

Energy Concepts, Inc. is the industry leader in the development of quality contextual science training systems. These courses are packaged to allow flexible implementation to meet the needs of your curriculum. Thousands of schools have chosen ECI’s products to implement their contextual science and mathematics programs.

  • Biotechnology.
  • Agriculture Biotechnology.
  • Forensics.
  • Principles of Technology.
  • Physics.
  • Material Science.

Engineering Principles

Students build skills for success through, research, experiments and challenges that incorporate science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts. Engineering Principles introduces students to a variety of different technologies.

  • Introduction to Engineering.
  • Precision Measurements.
  • Alternative Energy.
  • Mechanisms.
  • Fluid Systems.


Virtually every technology-related career requires some knowledge and basic skills in AC/DC and electronics technology. Energy Concepts electricity/electronics training programs provide exceptional flexibility to achieve the program depth and direction that suits your curriculum needs.

  • Basic Electrical Circuits.
  • Electricity Concepts.
  • Solid State Fundamentals.
  • Digital Electronics.
  • Wiring Skills.

Industrial Controls

Energy Concepts complete series of industrial training systems are designed to enable the student to develop relevant and employable skills.
The training systems cover the most basic “low-voltage” controls to advanced system controls. Then progress to programmable logic controllers, motor controls and variable frequency drives.

  • Basic Industrial Controls.
  • Programmable Controls.
  • Industrial Motors.
  • Programmable Logic Controllers.
  • Variable Frequency Drive.



Our customers say it best…

Energy Concepts, Inc

“The Electromechanical Technology program here at SWTC has been using ECI instrumentation (digital and analog multimeters, signal generators, and power supplies) for over twenty years. They are the only pieces of equipment in the lab that I don’t have to worry about. They just work!!”
Energy Concepts, Inc

“ Energy Concepts Inc. provides service, training and written laboratory resource manuals that are unique in that they are created collaboratively by scientists, administrators, teachers, parents and students with the goal of creating engaging, exciting and educational products that are excellent. As a science educator, I highly recommend Energy Concepts Inc. for their service, training and resources for teachers and students.”
Energy Concepts, Inc

“I am in my third year of teaching an Applied Biotechnology in Agriculture course at the Post-Secondary level. I had difficulty finding a textbook and resources that completely fit my needs to present the course.   Energy Concepts was helpful in resolving this problem by allowing me to custom organize a text and lab book from their “Foundation in Agriculture Biotechnology” and “Agriculture Biotechnology –Applications” curriculum.  I feel much more confident in my ability to meet my goals using this custom- made text.  The inquiry based learning labs that accompany the text is just what I was looking for, and they have helped me shorten the development cycle of this course.  I am happy that I did not have to reinvent the wheel in constructing and delivering this course to my students.”
Energy Concepts, Inc

“When I was presented with the opportunity to start an Agriculture Biotechnology program at my school I was both excited and a bit overwhelmed by it. We observed many programs before we started our planning process and what we initially saw was a very daunting task of determining what equipment and supplies were needed to match a set of state standards. The discovery of ECI and the Ag Biotechnology product made the task of implementing this program much easier. The course work, lab exercises, equipment needs and supply needs are done for you and have been developed by an industry professional. This total package purchase made the startup smooth and efficient.”
“The training I received from ECI on the use of their product was very helpful and allowed for the successful start to this new program. I highly recommend that anyone using the curriculum take advantage of this training. Students who have completed this program are passing the Florida Agriculture Biotechnician Industry Certification at about an 80% rate. I am very pleased with this product and highly recommend it to other schools.”
Energy Concepts, Inc

I teach physics and AP physics and will be using “the breadboard” with circuit building. I really appreciate the size of the area the students are able to work in with the circuit panels you “ECI” have. It is much easier for them to see the connections and layout of the circuits as opposed to being cramped in tiny places on some breadboards.

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